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JRA is NOTHING without YOU!

Copy of Fire relief - Help our wildlife

Today we are in an unprecedented time. Hundreds of families that otherwise would not need our help are now desperately asking the question - "How will we survive this Pandemic?

Many people are in a difficult financial situation, we are not asking you to donate now.

If you are fortunate enough and in a position to donate, please consider donating towards the JRA Corona-virus Campaign.

We need your help. The money raised will go to: 

  1. Providing families in need in the Metrowest area with Kosher essentials. (in addition to our regular distribution to 420 families).

  2. financial assistance to families that are struggling to deal with Corona-virus and loss of income.


Please help generously as there is a huge need now. The faster the donations come in, the faster we can get it out to people in need.


At this time, if you need help, please do not hesitate to reach out. Many people are struggling and we want to help. Please let us know so we can help. You can reach out directly to JRA directly by or calling 973.307.0195. You can also reach out to your Rabbi or community leader and have them reach out to JRA on your behalf.

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